New Website

Hello everyone.
Well things have been quiet here for a while as I have been busily developing my new website (and blog).

Please pop over to and take a look, you can now see all of my landscapes in the one place, and soon will have the ability to purchase online.

Thanks for all your support 🙂


Fire in the Sky

It was a cracking sunrise again this morning in Perth. We eventually ended up at Matilda Bay only to find another photographer already on the jetty there. It’s a difficult spot to shoot as the boats on the water dont alow for long shutters. As the sky turned a fabulous red, I decided to ignore the river altogether, using the city skyline to anchor the shot.

City Skyline

Unexpected Fog

I had planned a sunrise shoot on Easter Monday morning at a local jetty on the river, envisaging a colourful sunrise with pretty reflections. It was a major surprise to discover Perth blanketed in thick fog when I woke at 5am! Actually, I was quite excited, I’m not normally lucky with weather, but knew I had the opportunity to capture something a little bit different. I have tried this jetty a couple of times before, both times unsuccessful due to fisherman being there. Another thing that went in my favour….I was first there (there were a couple of other photographers hanging around later :-))

This is my favourite shot from the morning. I never did see the sunrise…but love the lack of horizon and the stillness of the fog.

On the drive home, the fog was still lingering so I called off at some nearby trees as these are very close to home and I wanted to see what possibilities they had in case I wake to fog another day 🙂

The Woods

Playing with Abstracts

This weekend I seemed to be drawn to abstract photos. Took the kids out on Saturday night to Point Walter for sunset, and then took a drive in the Chittering Valley on Sunday. What do you think?

The Day's End

The Woods

Drama at North Beach

Last Sunday night I headed up to Perth’s Northern beaches with the girls hoping for a good sunset. We did indeed get some nice colour in the clouds, and we also had an attempted car-jacking on the way home (ok, so maybe he though we were a taxi, but crikey we laughed!!)

North Beach

Perth City at Night

Went for a walk in the city last night with the lovely Sue-Ann. We had a laugh, took some photos and tried a few different things with varying degrees of success! Stopped off on the way home at the Narrows Bridge as I have wanted to try a Pano from there for a while now…

I liked this man on the phone…

Cross Roads

Forest Chase


Better Digital Camera Awards

I entered three photos in the Landscape category of the Better Digital Camera “Your Best Digital Pics” competition, and was pleased to get three awards, including my first ever Silver. It is always difficult selecting which shots to enter, but fabulous to get scores back that confirm you are on the right track 🙂


Haunted Tree